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At Authorized Technical Service, our technicians are factory trained and authorized to diagnose and repair most major brand home appliances




Established in 1980

Fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional Appliance Repair Service is well renowned throughout the Tucson area & Southern Arizona. With our factory trained technicians, we can get your appliances back in working order. Contact us to learn more about our incredible staff and how they can help you!

A Message From Our Owner:

Hi my name is Bobby Kramer, My wife (Marilynn) and I own Authorized Technical Service (ATS).  I would like to thank Southern Arizona for giving us the pleasure of being trusted to enter their homes to repair their major appliances for over 40 years.

We have gone all these years knowing that our job was important to Southern Arizona families. Not until this pandemic came in and crippled Southern Arizona families emotionally, physically, and financially that we found out that we are essential. This crisis has shown us that washers and dryers sanitize our clothes, our dishwashers sanitize dishes, and our refrigerator safely preserves our food and lifesaving medication. Along with how these appliances safe guard our life, they are where many hidden germs will linger in and around. I praise the employees at ATS that put their own self in harm’s way to protect and try to instill some normalcy back in our community’s home life.     

This has taken service to a completely new normal. Even though we have endured a major increase in the cost of doing business, as all business have, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines. We feel that the protection of our community and all of our ATS families outweigh any additional expense. We are trying to reduce the length of time of any exposure to help stop this pandemic. We find that when customers call for service it helps if they have the complete model number and serial number that is located on the appliance. We will also need a detailed description of the problem. This will allow our team to start working on the repair before we get to the house. By being prepared with proper parts it allows for   “A one visit repair”.  

 The ATS family would like to thank all first responder and medical fields. We would like to thank everybody that has let us come into their homes and has allowed us to follow all CDC rules by keeping social distance, wearing a mask, answering all of the safety questions and allowing us to disinfect any surface that we may need to touch. Together we will make it through this pandemic because we are Southern Arizona and that’s what we do together.   Please be safe for all of us. 

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