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Your technician will contact you the day of the your appointment between 7:30-8:30 AM and will give you a two hour window for the day. For appointments out of town, the technician will call you the afternoon before. If you would like, we can also call you 15-30 minutes prior to arriving.

With the exception of apartments or commercial settings, we cannot send our technicians out to a home without a person being there during the repair. Invariably there are questions that someone needs to be on location to help us with. Please contact us to set up a more convenient date/time if this is the case.

We can help by giving the unit a full diagnostic check to see if your appliance is worth the repair. Our technicians have years of field experience and will let you know if the cost of the repair is a better value than replacing the unit. If you choose not to have any repair work done, or the unit is not repairable, you would be responsible for just the Trip and Diagnostic fee.

A covered manufacturer warranty repair is provided at no charge, per the terms of your product’s manufacturer warranty. In warranty repairs do not include customer education, or other repairs not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, such as physical damage. Out of Warranty repairs are broken into 3 categories: 1) Trip and Diagnosis, 2) Repair Labor and 3) Parts. Trip and Diagnosis includes our technician visiting your home, reviewing what is needed to repair your appliance and a written estimate of the work required for your appliance. Trip, Diagnosis and Labor are one time charges, regardless of how many trips we may need to make to repair your appliance.

We service all types of major home appliances including but not limited to, Freezers, Cooktops, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Disposals, Refrigerators, Ovens and Ranges.

Payment for the repair provided is due when the technician completes the repair. We accept cash, checks or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover), and will email you a receipt showing what was done, and any relevant charges. Some exceptions do apply, so please contact our office and any one of our friendly office staff will be able to help you with further information.

At Diamond Factory Service all repairs are reviewed by a senior technician prior to our technician visiting your home. We literally have thousands of parts in stock to draw off of. Based upon your make and model, we’ll do our best to get your repair completed on the first trip. However, if we don’t succeed, there is no additional cost to you for our having to return. Any second trips required include no additional trip or labor charge.

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